Common Git situations and how to solve it

Work with Git can be easy, but sometimes we need to know more than just pull, add, commit and push.

So, below you are going to find examples how to solve the most common scenarios you could face working with Git.

Combine with the previous commit

git commit --amend

Committed all those changes to the master branch by mistake

git branch New-branch
git reset HEAD~ --hard
git checkout New-branch

Made a spelling mistake in my branch name

git branch -m New-brunch New-branch

Clean up local commits before pushing

git rebase -i

Reverting pushed commits

git revert HEAD

Edit a commit message

git commit --amend -m “new message”

Remove a file from git without removing it from your file system

git reset filename

Undo local commits

git reset HEAD

Discard local file modifications

git checkout -- something

Rollback to a specific point

git reflog 
git reset HEAD@{XX} 
-- git add or checkout

Checking the differences between remote and local repository

git diff origin/master master

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